As technology has advanced, so has range of options expanded. There are many options while buying drivers, putters, balls, and other golf equipment. The only thing absent is the satisfaction of the sets prior buying. Golfme has filled this gap by introducing a computerized system which will immediately provide feed back on the sets you buy.

Just like you test drive a car before buying, you can test the clubs and choose the best one that fits your characteristics. This system will calculate your ball flight and predict within reasonable margin of error where a shot will fly. Seeing your ball actually fly to a target is the ultimate determination of game improvement.

The data derived from these tools is a valuable asset to determining the correct club set-up for any golfer. An ill-fit golf club can significantly affect the way a ball flies, no matter how much instruction you have received and incorporated into your game. The system can increase the distance your ball travels and the accuracy in which it travels.

Paragon Sports' commitment is to provide consumers with superior products and unmatched customer service.
For 2009 we have designed and developed a range of unique products using the latest materials, innovations and technologies that is without doubt our best range of products yet. Founded in 1987, Adams Golf, Inc. designs, assembles, markets and distributes premium quality, technologically innovative golf clubs. In the history of golf, the putter has taken a back seat to the technological advancements of the driver and the golf ball. While the focus has been on how far .
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